Federal Super Steel SS595 Federal
Super Steel SS595
Price from 3 350 RUR
Offers: 12
+1 Noise -1 Control -2 Grip -1 Aquaplaning -1 Tyre problems
Летние высокоскоростные шины Federal SS595 Sport для легковых автомобилей.
Агрессивный направленный V-образный рисунок протектора в сочетании с силикой последнего поколения обеспечивают шинам максимальное сцепление и устойчивость аквапланированию, позволяя максимально контролировать ускорение, вхождение в повороты и торможение.
В шинах использована технология Opti-Noise Technology для комфортной бесшумной езды.

Альтернативные названия: Federal SS595 Drift

Yokohama Parada Spec-X PA2 Yokohama
Parada Spec-X PA2
Price from 5 434 RUR
Offers: 384
-1 Noise 0 Control +1 Grip 0 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
Parada Spec-X — новая скоростная шина для больших и тяжелых городских внедорожников, таких как Hummer H2, Volvo XC90, Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevrolet Tahoe и т.д.
Покрышка развивает скорость до 240 км/ч и имеет высокие показатели по износостойкости, теплоустойчивости и сцеплению с дорогой. Благодаря конструктивным особенностям этой покрышки на поворотах тяжелый автомобиль стабилизируется, предотвращая неравномерный износ шин, эффективный отвод воды помогает избежать аквапланирование.
Parada Spec-X - отличая низкопрофильная  покрышка не только благодаря вышеуказанным показателям, она также имеет низкий уровень шума и обладает отличными тормозными характеристиками.

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in compare with Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 noise control grip
 |  Porsche Boxster  |  205 / 50 R17  | 
These were on my 17inch 205/50/17 wheels at the front when i first bought the boxster. And they sounded like a propeler they were so noisy and absolute rubbish. I soon switched to Goodyear eagle NCT 5 and it felt like I had a new car the Goodyears were so quiet compared to these. In fairness these are a budget tyre and value for money if you just want to drive in and around town and motorways as cheap as possible. But if you want a quite performance tyre then these are not it. translated
in compare with Yokohama Parada Spec-X PA2 noise grip
 |  Toyota Aygo  |  205 / 40 R16  | 
I went from a 205/40 16 inch Yokohama Parada Spec C to these tyres. The Yokohama's have great dry grip, poor wet, terrible snow and are noisy. These have a lot lower dry grip, about same wet grip and better snow grip due to tread pattern. They are slightly more narrow of course and higher sidewall. They start to slide early but are very progressive, though they do make the howling noise when sliding more than the Yokohama's which causes unwanted attention. They don't have any wow factor but are fine, nothing outstanding but nothing terrible either. My car is light so no wear issues even with lots of slippage when driving in spirited manner. translated
in compare with Bridgestone Potenza RE001 Adrenalin noise grip
 |  Mazda RX-8  |  Size is not specified  | 
Okay, Just had these fitted to my Mazda RX8 230 which previously had Bridgestones. Can't comment on the wear just yet but road noise is sooo much better than the Bridgestones and they seem to grip just as well in the wet and dry! They also look great! Very impressed and would buy again. translated
in compare with Goodyear Eagle F1 (asymmetric) grip aquaplanning tyre problems
 |  Honda Integra  |  Size is not specified  | 
Disgusting tires should be banned from sale. They ride rock hard. They have NO grip in the wet even with a 1600 automatic they slip and spin at the touch of the throttle. I now drive a turbo skyline and id be scared to even rev that car with them. Luckily ive got UHP tires on the skyline and have upgraded to Eagle F1 GSD3 for the integra. Yuck! translated