Comparison оf tyres Comparison оf Michelin Energy Saver with Bridgestone Turanza ER 300 + add review on these tyres

+4 Noise -1 Control -1 Grip 0 Aquaplaning -1 Tyre problems
-1 Noise -1 Control -1 Grip -1 Aquaplaning -1 Tyre problems

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Compare →  |  Audi A4  |  Size is not specified  | 
in compare with Pirelli P6 . noise . tyre problems
A week ago, became the proud owner of Audi A4 2002. Stood on it still the factory! Pirelli P6 with wear of 50% and I wondered what kind of audit, and stiff and noisy. Having read reviews, seyver set today and have already traveled about 140 miles. What can I say - Audi has finally become an Audi showroom in silence, bumps and joints swallow gently. Just went home and still sitting smile)) translated
Compare →  |  Hyundai Getz  |  175 / 65 R14  | 
in compare with Michelin Energy Saver . control . aquaplanning . tyre problems
Достоинства: Цена- качество. Один баллон- 2000 т.р. Резина по схожим харак-ам стоит за 3000. Гарантийный ремонт или обмен при проколах или т.п.

Недостатки: Проехал мало - не возьмусь сказать

Nokian Hakka Green поставил и вот первые ощущения: Едет как по рельсам-любое отклонение руля и резина возвращает машину на прямую, это касается и поворотов. Сейчас холодно и трудно судить о шумности резины-немного задубевшая, но трещины и ухабы проходит мягко, хотя при езде кажется что жесткая. Отвод воды из под колеса на 6 баллов из 5 возможных.
Compare →  |  Kia Ceed  |  195 / 65 R15  | 
in compare with Michelin Energy Saver . noise . control . grip . tyre problems
Well, maybe sranivaem with ploimi?? Good tires. Dressed after Michelin enerzhi. I'm on the road traveled on it. Very good road handling - both on the rails. In this regard, the difference of Michelin is very big. The Truth Behind 30000 km wiped it off, though calm driving style. Now I think the same take. Advise, may have some alternativa. Want softer (without loss of stability) and quieter tires. translated
Compare →  |  Audi  |  195 / 60 R15  | 
in compare with Dunlop SP Sport 200 . noise
Put yourself in the summer on the Audi A6 205/60R15.ochen liked it, before it went to danlopeSP 200, continental premium contact. first of all comfort, quiet, good machine is rolling, with respect to a dirt road not advise it, I think that on the wet grass will proskazyvat, modern road tires for asfalta.Mishlen best of all manufacturers translated
Compare →  |  Ford Focus  |  195 / 60 R15  | 
in compare with Nokian Hakka I3 . noise . grip . aquaplanning
Long time to choose summer tires, and the main requirement was that it was still, since Fokusov have a problem with noise insulation. Taking at random and not lost. Rubber is really quiet now after the regular NOKIAN i3 hear the engine, is also very well-kept road, especially in the rain. Recommend. translated
Compare →  |  Ford Focus  |  Size is not specified  | 
in compare with Continental ContiPremiumContact . noise . aquaplanning . tyre problems
Bears were more "soft" as the sneakers:) translated
Compare →  |  Skoda Octavia  |  195 / 65 R15  | 
in compare with Continental ContiPremiumContact . noise . control . grip . aquaplanning . tyre problems
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