Tyres Tests Summer tyre test 2016 — Vi Bilagare — 205/55 R16

Source: Vi Bilagare


Burchard sad...
more than year ago
That's a wetgolhoulht--ut answer to a challenging question
Teige sad...
more than year ago
moga menang ya mba.a.salkm kenal .-= rifone´s selesai [nulis] ..Mudah mencari blog Dofollow ber-PR dengan Fast blog finder =-.Salam kenal juga ya… Kalah menang hal biasa, yang penting sudah usaha
Vlora sad...
more than year ago
You’re right, looks like but is possibly someone’s homebrew for organ as I Don’t think filtering corresponds to Guitar frequencies.If you want to use it for harp or guitar, I recommend to rewire something similar to Gibson GA16T as most of the components are there + good amp for bort8#&230;Bewahe of High voltages and get sure capacitors are discharged before using this. (standby switch would be appreciable).I can help if you need.