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Bridgestone Duravis R410 tyres
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High durability, high mileage and good performance in the wet for small and car derived vans.

- DURAVIS is durable. These new tyres are tough, designed to stand up to daily deliveries and heavy use, while the jointless cap layer construction provides durability at highway speeds.
- Longer wear life. Tests show that DURAVIS provides longer wear life than other leading tyres. New C.S.C. tread-block technology and a specially optimised tread pattern reduce irregular wear and provide exceptionally high mileage.
- Handling like a car. Specially designed with an advanced tread block design, DURAVIS handles like a car tyre. It gives modern vans a smooth, comfortable, quiet ride -- whether manoeuvring on city streets or cruising on motorways.
- Top performance in the wet. Drivers will notice the difference on wet and greasy surfaces, where DURAVIS provides better grip,...


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