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Bridgestone Ecopia EP200 Tyres
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The revolutionary EP200 sets a new benchmark with Ecopia Compound II, a new compound developed through Bridgestone’s new cutting-edge technology, NANO PRO-TECHTM. Improving performance at a molecular level, the nanotechnology spaces carbon molecules with silica, thereby inhibiting heat generation and energy loss, and allowing you to save on fuel. With improved tread design and square shape shoulder, EP200 leads with significantly improved RRC and uncompromised wet performance.

Selected models Shop Phone numbers Price
Ecopia EP200 215 / 60 R16 95H Сеть шинных центров «Шинсервис» +7 (495) 788-83-88
+7 (800) 333-83-88
5 460 руб.      order      discounts!
Ecopia EP200 225 / 45 R17 91V Новые колеса +7 (495) 632-00-62 7 239 руб.      order
Ecopia EP200 225 / 50 R17 94V Гамма шин +7 (495) 516-10-73 8 240 руб.      order

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