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4 3.35 5 Potenza - это опыт побед в гонках «Формулы-1». Bridgestone Potenza GIII Tyres
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The POTENZA GIII sports-type ultra high performance tyre, is developed for wide range of performance automobiles from sporty cars to luxury sedans. Featuring the Bridgestone's latest fundamental technology, the POTENZA GIII offers superior handling performance on wet and dry roads as well as comfortable and quiet ride.


L.L. Carbon -- Reinforces and stabilizes tyre rubber, increasing wear resistance and helping to reduce chipping, cracking and tearing.
Particle Z -- This provides better grip in the wet than a silica compound.
O-Bead II -- Enhances tyre performance with its new convex bead shape, through an even fit between tyre bead and wheel rim.
Hydro Evacuation Surface -- Tiny ribs are molded into the sides of the grooves to reduce water turbulence, promoting the smooth and efficient evacuation of water from the tread surface. This helps prevent...

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review on Michelin Pilot Primacy . control . grip . aquaplanning
During a day of manual assessment may not be objective. Past 2 seasons skated on Potenza G3, catches a difference in management on dry asphalt compared with Mishoy pilot primate, IMHO Potenza better. But everything else was at the level of Michelin wet roads better. translated
Compare →  |  Mazda 626  |  205 / 50 R16  | 
in compare with Michelin Pilot Primacy . control . grip
Decent tires! I have a (Japanese). Before this was Michelin Pilot Primacy with rapid entry into the povort squealed with a hint of demolition. Confidence in the Japanese is much better. And when disconnected from the ABS at 80 km / h stopping distance to a complete stop at 1 meter! shorter than enabled. On a smooth (not porous) asphalt in the rain slows worse. As a result, fly! translated
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in compare with Goodyear Eagle F1 (asymmetric) . control . aquaplanning
Afigennaya rubber. Before that was F1 GoodYear and compacted much faster, and on the water behaved slightly worse. This to me is much more like it. Once more responsive behavior. Responds better. translated
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review on Bridgestone Potenza RE001 Adrenalin . control . grip
This is something! Could never have felt such confidence! Slows the parachute-without a single squeal and sverhefektivno after pavarota wheel vozvroschyaetsya chotko quickly and, at high speeds directly holds perfectly. I used to have melted Bridgestone Potenza GIII, but here even srovnenie not appropriate, it is more izmireniya. PS Actually it is really taking into account all these facts and it turns out not ADRENALIN ANTIADRENALIN translated
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