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Continental Conti4x4SportContact Tyres
summer tyres / for off-roads / Шины Ultra High Performance (UHP)

For high-performance four-wheel drive vehicles.
For high-performance vehicles we have developed a 4x4 tire that also performs well at high road speeds. Its asymmetrical tread pattern with the compact outer shoulder area provides for cornering stability. Wide tread grooves divert the water and protect against aquaplaning. The tread blocks are staggered for a quiet and comfortable ride.

- Good cornering stability through asymmetric tread pattern
- Good protection against aquaplaning
- Suitable for high-speed road use
- Excellent comfort and noise levels

Selected models Shop Phone numbers Price
Conti4x4SportContact 275 / 40 R20 106Y - интернет-гипермаркет шин и дисков 74959819299 16 268 руб.      order
Conti4x4SportContact 275 / 40 R20 4S +7 (495) 768-5527 21 236 руб.      order

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