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Continental ContiProContact Tyres
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All-season Performance & Touring: All-condition versatility.
The ContiProContact features unparalleled wet-braking capacity and year-round traction. This tire performs with outstanding handling, control and high-speed capability.

ContiProContact PROactive Edge Technology
ContiProContact's PROactive Edge Technology pushes the limits of innovation. The patterned edge design yields increased grip and a quiet ride. The ContiProContact gives you the confidence to drive your high-performance vehicle to the level you want.

ContiProContact PROgressive Groove Ramp
Owner's of luxury high-performance vehicles place high demand on performance , control, and safety in wet conditions. The PROgressive Groove Ramp of the ContiProContact incorporates features to meet the driver's demands. This new groove geometry has a wider and progressively rounded groove base that is present in every...


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