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Continental ContiSportContact Vmax Tyres
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With the ContiSportContact Vmax, Continental introduces the first road-legal tire which is capable of speeds up to 360 km/h. Thereby is important the need for safety at top speeds as well as the increasing number of ultra-high performance cars in the tuning sector which reach a final speed over 300 km/h.
The ContiSportContact Vmax is the natural heir to the successful ContiSportContact 2. Its tread and carcass were adapted to the high technical requirements. A slightly reduced tread depth and a tread structure with more grooves on the inner part of the tire reduce heat generation. New cooling grooves on the inner part of the tire as well as deeper and wider tread grooves on the outer part lead to a better heat dissipation and allow a safe and dynamic way of driving also at top speeds. A multiple radii tread contour optimised for high-speed performance as well as an adapted, strengthened sidewall guarantee a precise steering response also at...


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