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Continental RoadAttack 2 Tyres
summer tyres / for motorcycles

The New Road Attack 2 Tires are designed to give better mileage and even better handling than the standard Road Attack.
The Continental Road Attack 2 tires are designed with the new continuous compound technology that gives you a smooth transition from the harder center compound to the softer edge compound. So instead of having a fixed line at the point when the compound changes, you get smooth and predictable handling at all lean angles. The Road Attack 2 Tires also use a revolutionary new-to-the-market technologies to realize Continental's new level of grip, safety and dynamics in the radial sport-touring segment.

Selected models Shop Phone numbers Price
RoadAttack 2 110 / 80 R18 58W +7 (495) 768-5527 12 165 руб.      order
RoadAttack 2 160 / 60 R17 Motorubbers +7(925)832-77-78
4 500 руб.      order

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