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For camper vans.
Modern day camper vans are hi tech vehicles which make the never-ending dream of extended holiday mobility come true. Therefore campers demand a safer vehicle performance which particularly puts the tires into focus.
The VancoTM Camper meets the demands of camping vehicle manufacturers, the caravaning press and campers themselves. It complies to the special “CP” (Camping Pneu) tire standard.
The concept of the VancoTM Camper is to use long well-proven Vanco technique, optimize its performance for distinguished motorcaravan requirements and thus cater to the needs of this specific target segment.

- High safety reserves for camper van application
- Robust contruction for improved durability in rough camping environments
- Reduced stopping distance on wet surfaces
- Extra driving stability for rear-heavy camper vans
- Long service intervals, as the tires' air...

Selected models Shop Phone numbers Price
VancoCamper 215 / 70 R15 109R +7 (495) 768-5527 11 546 руб.      order
VancoCamper 195 / 75 R16 Tiresmall 8-499-579-90-79 6 855 руб.      order
VancoCamper 235 / 65 R16 115R +7 (495) 505-63-94 10 716 руб.      order
VancoCamper 195 / 75 R16 107R +7 (495) 268-0987 7 114 руб.      order

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