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Nokian NRe Tyres
summer tyres / for cars / out of production

Nokian NRe - rugged wear summer tire.
Nokian NRE - excellent on the properties and economical car tire for small and middle classes. Due to its specific pattern and tread compound tire life increased by 15% compared to other similar tires.

Safe and quiet.
The central part of the tread pattern and has directed three longitudinal grooves, effectively prevents aquaplaning. By suitably chosen design tread tire tread depth. Tread carefully chosen division allows the tire to pieces remain low noise.

Stable at speed.
Powerful central longitudinal grooves of the tire and forked brachial block tread tires contribute to the maintenance of stability in fast driving. Grip of the tires are stored cold spring morning, and during the first autumn frosts, when the temperature can drop below 10 degrees.

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