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Tourador X Wonder TH2 tyres
summer tyres / for cars

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Optimized lateral groover&kerf design make wonderful hydroplaning performance,also support shorten wet braking distance.

Simulation analysis on main groove and pattern block width ensure print pressure.Using simulation analysis support good contact pressure shap,even wear,balanced ride&handing,rolling rsistance.

3 circle drops is fast uneven wear indicators for end user.

The advanced design of shoulder block(in/out side) ensures better response handing control and excellent cornering stability at dry&wet road.

Optimzed pitch ratio,sequence design,optimzed block shift and round edge block design all make pattern low noise.Inside&outside two-faces design technology also makes low noise and good ride &handing performance.

Prices and available at stores / Saint-Petersburg

At the moment we have no information about where you can buy this model of tire in this city.

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