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TYRE Finder Pro + VehicleDB Pack For OpenCart

Tyre & wheel fitment finder module with Fitment Vehicle DB for OpenCart. Includes finder front-end widget

PRO Two finder widgets: tyre fitment and wheel fitment
PRO DB Vehicle Fitment DB with own support & updates
PRO Тhemes
PRO Paid themes support: PneuPress beta
PRO Paid themes support: Chromium beta
PRO Widgets for Elementor
PRO Integration with Tyre&Wheel Filters | .beta

PRO First-hand features addition
PRO Premium support + updates

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Plugin in .zip for setup in WordPress

  • Purchase and download from Original Author
  • Premium support for 1 domain
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Quality checked
  • Lowest price
  • Licenses: Code under GPL 2 (license), Non-code under СС-BY 2.0 (license)
  • Plugin version: 1.13.22 (free 1.0.0)

Will be released soon, write to support for details

Modules Purchase FAQ

The Buying Process

If you already have an account on our site, please login. If you don't have one, we will register you on our site and send you the login and password during the payment. After the payment is accepted you will see the download links for the database on this page. Do not forget to login if not. Our purchase agreement.

We will send you emails with information about the updates of the databases. The updates are free of charge during one year after buying the database.

Note: Our payment provider has no feature to set order in $ due to law limitations now. So, all prices will converted in RUR during payment process.
Please, check converted order sum before payment.

What do you buy?

After purchase you'll get:
Module, in .zip format, for install into OpenCart, as usual
All rights by license (see module info)
Support for module for 1 year "single-site"
Free updates for 1 year "single-site"

Licenses QA for OpenCart modules

Module Code is under GPL, non-code parts is under CC-BY. For "signle-site" licenses you can use module only for one site or project.

GPL 2 : license
СС-BY 2.0 : license

License "Single-site" is:
а) All features of basic licenses: all right for modification and tuning of modules and other.
б) Support for "one" site. Of course, include subdomains, include subdomains for develop and testing. If you have multi-langual or multi-regional site with one structure and design - suport include all this subdomains.
в) Updates, for "one" site.

Limitations of support:
"Single-site" support do NOT include support for OpenCart themes or similar product, only support for end customers, for one site per license.

GPL and CC-BY licenses allow use products for commercial use, with use attribution only. But for tyre and wheel shops, we know, it's very useful to have support from the developer. Sometimes it's critical for project. We can't support customers of mass redistributable products, using "single-site" license.
License "single-site" is NOT extended and can't be used for redistributable products.
If you are developing OpenCart theme for Tyre and Wheel shops or want to redistribute our product, the best way is write us.

All data and databases for modules sells SEPARATELY if haven't strong reference to it, and module licensing does NOT cover databases

Refund Policy | OpenCart Modules

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a full refund. You can return or exchange your purchase for up to 24 hour from the purchase date.
Robokassa payment service commission will not refunded upon refund.

Modules integration

For install into OpenCart just unpack .zip in uploads directory. Other install steps, if they present, see in documentation for module.
Support b2b site: TyresAddict.b2b (documentation and other)
Support: Contact us

Would you help with module?

We do not like problems with our modules, so make them simple and check quality. But if you, our customer, need help, you'll get it, of course. Sometimes we do integration part too, if it need. We recommend to try our modules (free versions) before buy, and write us about your questions. We answer about all questions about our products!