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Comparison оf Accelera Iota with Accelera Alpha
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 Iota Accelera
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Accelera Iota - summer tires for cars of the highest class 4x4 road use. Silicon-based rubber compound ensures precise grip on dry and wet surfaces. Tread blocks are mated to reduce noise levels, and wide longitudinal channels are responsible for water drainage. The sophisticated design of the tread and sidewall will make your car's appearance even more attractive.

These tires are manufactured by the Indonesian company PT. Elangperdana Tire Industry (the first tire rolled off the assembly line in 1996). The plant has a modern design and the most modern equipment from Europe, which is the basis for the production of quality tires. Safety, innovation, artistic approach and customer orientation are the main driving forces behind which the company produces quality tires that meet the needs of consumers.
 Alpha Accelera
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The Accelera Alpha is a performance tire with a sporty look. Some key features are lateral grooves combined with center straight grooves, and a straight, dry rib, so you can drive with style on the Alpha.
The Sporty Tire with Excellent Wet Grip

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