Continental ExtremeContact DW Continental
ExtremeContact DW
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+1 Noise +1 Control +1 Grip +1 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
Tuned for ultra-high performance drivers seeking extreme grip in dry & wet conditions
Dynamic ULTRA-HIGH PERFORMANCE Summer tire tuned for DRIVERS SEEKING EXTREME GRIP IN DRY and WET CONDITIONS with excellent tread life and comfort.

- Enhanced performance in dry conditions. Solid outer shoulder and chamfered tread blocks maximize road contact.
- Outstanding wet handling and braking. High Void-to-Tread ratio with open longitudinal grooves aids in water evacuation for excellent resistance to hydroplaning.
- Excellent treadlife and fuel efficiency. Dynamic Temperature Distribution technology reduces distortion in the tread to improve wear and rolling resistance.
- Consumer friendly performance indicators. Tuned Performance Indicators alert drivers to tire’s performance level in Dry and Wet conditions.
Michelin Pilot Primacy Michelin
Pilot Primacy
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0 Noise -4 Control -4 Grip -2 Aquaplaning -1 Tyre problems
Летние шины Michelin Pilot Primacy для легковых автомобилей премиум класса. Шины обеспечивают высокую эффективность управления на мокрой дороге, острую реакцию на поворотах. Летние шины Michelin Pilot Primacy комфортны и бесшумны, что является приоритетом при выборе шин для автомобилей такого класса. Значительно сокращен тормозной путь на сухой дороге. Шины долговечны и не теряют свои технические свойства по мере износа.

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in compare with Continental ExtremeContact DW noise control grip aquaplanning tyre problems
 |  BMW 3 series (E46)  |  225 / 50 R16  | 
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in compare with Continental ExtremeContact DW noise control grip aquaplanning tyre problems
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in compare with Michelin Pilot Primacy noise control grip aquaplanning
 |  Mercedes C-class (W203)  |  205 / 55 R16  | 
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