Weather Master Snow Cooper
Weather Master Snow
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+1 Noise -1 Control -1 Grip 0 Behaviour on ice 0 Behaviour on snow 0 Tyre problems
The increased distance between the tread blocks of the Cooper Weather-Master Snow allows for excellent traction on snowy roads. A large number of drainage grooves ensures quick and effective displacement of water and wet snow from the contact patch, resulting in stability when driving both on compacted snow and icy conditions. Alternating the width of the tread blocks and the softness of the rubber composition significantly reduces the noise level when driving. Cooper Weather-Master Snow rubber contains components containing silicon. They allow the rubber to remain elastic at low temperatures, thereby providing excellent grip on cold roads. The nylon cord winding does not have a connecting seam, thanks to which the tire carcass becomes more protected from mechanical stress. Using Weather-Master Snow not only provides stable handling and excellent traction on winter roads, but also significantly reduces the risk of a tire blowing out while driving.
 Nord Frost 3 Gislaved
Nord Frost 3
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-3 Noise -5 Control -1 Grip +2 Behaviour on ice +1 Behaviour on snow -1 Tyre problems
Gislaved Nord Frost 3 winter tire designed for maximum safety. Excellent performance in the harsh Russian winter.
The expressive directional tread pattern and a large number of sipes guarantee optimal braking and acceleration, as well as excellent stability when cornering on snow and icy surfaces. The Gislaved Nord Frost 3 tire is resistant to aquaplaning and slushplaning. The directional tread pattern with transverse spiral grooves and the optimal stud placement ensure a soft, comfortable ride and low noise levels. The new rubber compound, containing a high proportion of silicon and natural rubber, significantly reduces rolling resistance. The flat tread contour provides more uniform contact with the road surface and, as a result, high mileage. The products are fully compliant with the strict standards of the European Union.

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За свои деньги резина супер, на сухом асфалте возникают запаздывания на повороты руля, но на прямой держиться хорошо (до 140 кмч). На укатанном снегу и снежной каше - супер, как и в дождь, олично разгоняется, тормозит и поворачивает. Отлично выкаппывается и с глубокого снега. На льду, как любая не шипованная шина, чудес не показывает, но паниковать не заставлеет. Забраться на не очень крутую обледенелую горку позволяет и даже остановиться при спуске на обратном пути) В сравнении с Gislaved NF3 - уступает очень не значительно, а на трассе, при торможении и по тишине даже превосходит.