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Comparison оf Durun D103 with Continental ContiCrossContact UHP
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Durun D103 Durun
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+1 Noise 0 Control 0 Grip 0 Aquaplaning 0 Behaviour on ice 0 Behaviour on snow 0 Tyre problems
Standard tread shape designed for year round use. The surface of the tire is made of a material with a high level of wear resistance. Increased comfort as a result of minimized noise levels.
Continental ContiCrossContact UHP Continental
ContiCrossContact UHP
Price from 6 535 RUR
Offers: 536
-1 Noise 0 Control 0 Grip 0 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
Puts 4x4 performance safely on the road.
For high speeds in road use.
The bionic contour of the tire narrows the tire when moving and widens it when braking. This reduces the braking distance and ensures higher cornering stability. The tire's asymmetrical profile and outer rigidity guarantees exceptional cornering and a fun drive without compromising on safety. The four or five (depending on tire width) circumferential drainage grooves provide excellent protection against aquaplaning.

- Short braking distances and high cornering stability
- Safety reserves for outstanding handling and fun at the wheel
- Low rolling resistance and excellent grip

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