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Comparison оf Firestone Winterhawk with Goodyear Ultra Grip 500
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Firestone Winterhawk Firestone
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+1 Noise 0 Control 0 Grip 0 Behaviour on ice 0 Behaviour on snow 0 Tyre problems

Зимние шины Firestone Winterhawk славятся предсказуемым и четким поведением на заснеженных и влажных поверхностях. Характерный и узнаваемый рисунок протектора Winterhawk играет существенную роль в обеспечении надежного сцепления с дорогой. Многочисленные тесты в условиях отрицательных температур являются убедительным доказательством надежности и качества зимних покрышек Firestone Winterhawk.

Goodyear Ultra Grip 500 Goodyear
Ultra Grip 500
Price from 5 680 RUR
Offers: 3
-4 Noise -2 Control -4 Grip -1 Behaviour on ice -4 Behaviour on snow -3 Tyre problems
Ultra Grip 500 is a winter studded passenger car tire with superior performance and excellent handling in all winter conditions.
3D-BIS technology - a dense arrangement of sipes, which retains the elasticity of the tread blocks, provides increased grip on snow and ice, stable handling on wet and dry surfaces.
Stud Anchor System (SATS) - an innovative stud hole profile that, in combination with a double layer of tread rubber, locks the stud firmly in place and ensures optimum stud height and holds it in place - for maximum performance on ice and snow .
V-TRED technology removes water, mud and slush and resists aquaplaning.
An additional tread wear indicator shows when the residual tread depth is 4mm and is an additional reminder to ensure safety.

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in compare with Goodyear Ultra Grip 500 noise
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