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Comparison оf BFGoodrich Touring with Goodyear DuraGrip
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BFGoodrich Touring BFGoodrich
Price from 2 736 RUR
Offers: 1
0 Noise -1 Control +1 Grip -1 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
BFGoodrich Touring is a summer tire for small and medium-sized passenger cars. Directional tread pattern for better water drainage from the contact patch and massive radially grooved blocks for lateral stiffness provide high traction on dry and wet surfaces, as well as effective braking.
Goodyear DuraGrip Goodyear
No Prices
No offers
0 Noise +1 Control -1 Grip +1 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
Летние шины Goodyear DuraGrip для легковых автомобилей, обеспечивающая повышенную безопасность при большом пробеге. Шины созданы специально для эксплуатации в плотном городском потоке, постоянных разгонах и торможениях. Отличные показатели на сухой и мокрой дорогах. Износостойкость на 15% выше, чем у предшествующей ей шине GT-3.

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in compare with Goodyear DuraGrip control grip aquaplanning
 |  Renault Clio II  |  165 / 70 R13  | 
before that went to the Good Year DuraGrip. Much higher than the clutch when braking on wet roads. BF quickly breaks down in the SW! In other tires, well, not very noisy, hard to measure is not afraid of the wells. translated