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Comparison оf Goodyear Eagle Sport TZ with Kumho Ecsta HS51
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Goodyear Eagle Sport TZ Goodyear
Eagle Sport TZ
Price from 4 904 RUR
Offers: 245
-1 Noise +1 Control +1 Grip +1 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
Goodyear Eagle Sport TZ - модификация модели Goodyear Eagle Sport, имеющая более высокие индексы скорости. TZ используется в названии для обозначения другого рисунка протектора.
Kumho Ecsta HS51 Kumho
Ecsta HS51
Price from 3 240 RUR
Offers: 189
0 Noise -2 Control -2 Grip -1 Aquaplaning -1 Tyre problems
ECSTA HS51 In the past you were given the choice; comfort or high performance, not both. Well now, things have changed with the development of new ‘harmony sports tyre‘ – the Solus HS51 (Ultra High Performance) with its cutting edge tread design and high-tech compound brings the best of both worlds. Precision handling and braking combined with smoothness and quietness. Together with the road in perfect harmony. Road Hazard Warranty Features: Precision handling and braking combined with smoothness and quietness Together with the road in perfect harmony Compound technology - High technology material & compound is applied to maximise the driving performance - Solid rib - Tyre design: Improved wet braking and Reinforced block stiffness by centralised ribbed pattern design Wide lateral Grooves - Wide lateral grooves help to maximise water displacement when turning - Wide 4 channels main grooves: The pattern design with its 4 wide linear grooves improves water displacement performance Closed & Notch shoulder - Handling performance has been improved thanks to a strengthened shoulder block - A groove notch has been added to improve performance while cornering in wet

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in compare with Kumho Ecsta HS51 noise control grip aquaplanning
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