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Comparison оf Goodyear OptiGrip with Michelin Pilot Primacy
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Goodyear OptiGrip Goodyear
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+1 Noise +1 Control 0 Grip 0 Aquaplaning 0 Tyre problems
Summer tires GoodYear OptiGrip for high-speed cars. The new OptiGrip summer tires offer superior performance, including wet grip and braking and a high level of aquaplaning resistance - even when the tire is worn out.
The tire uses the new SmartWear technology, which allows it to maintain grip on the wet road even as the tread wears down. As the upper layer of the tread wears out, the lower one begins to emerge from under it. The underlay is designed for increased wet grip and segment-leading braking and handling on wet asphalt throughout the tire's life.
Michelin Pilot Primacy Michelin
Pilot Primacy
Price from 10 510 RUR
Offers: 2
0 Noise -4 Control -4 Grip -2 Aquaplaning -1 Tyre problems
Летние шины Michelin Pilot Primacy для легковых автомобилей премиум класса. Шины обеспечивают высокую эффективность управления на мокрой дороге, острую реакцию на поворотах. Летние шины Michelin Pilot Primacy комфортны и бесшумны, что является приоритетом при выборе шин для автомобилей такого класса. Значительно сокращен тормозной путь на сухой дороге. Шины долговечны и не теряют свои технические свойства по мере износа.

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in compare with Michelin Pilot Primacy noise control
 |  Ford Focus  |  205 / 55 R16  | 
So far I like everything, after Michelin Pilot Primate, these tires are much quieter and more comfortable. translated