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Comparison оf Kleber Kapnor 5 with Bridgestone Blizzak WS60
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 Kapnor 5 Kleber
Kapnor 5
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0 Noise +1 Control +1 Grip 0 Behaviour on ice 0 Behaviour on snow 0 Tyre problems
KLEBER KAPNOR 5 is a studded winter tire for passenger cars with excellent grip on ice and complete safety on snowy or wet roads. Precise steering on all types of roads. KAPNOR 5 tires provide optimum traction thanks to 8-row studs and an original tread pattern. The sipes and the optimal number of tread grooves guarantee complete safety. Maintaining control over the vehicle under all circumstances. The original tread pattern of the KLEBER KAPNOR 5 tire provides more efficient acceleration, increased road holding on ice and confident driving control regardless of the circumstances. W-shaped sipes provide the best tire response to all driver activities. Polygonal tread blocks ensure better vehicle stability on ribbed ice.
Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 Bridgestone
Blizzak WS60
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+1 Noise -3 Control -2 Grip +1 Behaviour on ice +1 Behaviour on snow +1 Tyre problems
No studs needed. This latest edition of the "Winter Biter" tire by Blizzak gives you confidence in traction when it freezes and security in braking when it melts. Exclusive multiple Bridgestone technologies work together with the added reinforcement of RC polymer to further enhance grip in severe ice and snow conditions.

- RC Polymer. Improves snow and ice performance through use of specific Nan-Pro-Tech rubber compound
- Zigzag Sipes. Improves snow and ice traction by increasing the number of biting edges
- Wide Straight Groove. Improves water evacuation to increase traction
- Riblets. Improves traction on ice
- Tube Multi-Cell Compound. Removes the thin layer of surface water to improve grip on ice using millions of microscopic pores in the compound

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in compare with Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 control grip
 |  Mazda 626  |  195 / 65 R15  | 
Had a chance to ride on the second focus of Kapnor 5. Really did not trust the tire, was in vain! (In the same vain bought for the winter Bridgestone WS60. Now bite your elbows.) Now, no experiments! The following season ONLY Kapnor 5! translated