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Comparison оf Kumho WinterCraft ice Wi31 with Cordiant Sno-Max
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Kumho WinterCraft ice Wi31 Kumho
WinterCraft ice Wi31
Price from 2 420 RUR
Offers: 575
+1 Noise +1 Control +1 Grip +1 Behaviour on ice +1 Behaviour on snow +1 Tyre problems
Studdable Winter Maximised breaking and handling performance under icy conditions by optimal stud arrangement Improved traction and braking performance on ice and snow through anymmetrical 3D sipes Better ice control performance by applying the latest compound mixing technology
 Sno-Max Cordiant
No Prices
No offers
-1 Noise -1 Control +1 Grip -1 Behaviour on ice -3 Behaviour on snow -1 Tyre problems

Winter tires for modern family cars. Thanks to the large number of zigzag sipes, Cordiant Sno-Max PW-401 provide excellent grip on any winter surfaces, including at high speeds and in corners (with high lateral loads). The directional tread pattern with wide water diversion grooves significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The tires provide confident behavior in all road conditions and a good level of comfort.

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in compare with Cordiant Sno-Max noise control grip behaviour on snow behaviour on ice tyre problems
 |  Citroen C4  |  205 / 55 R16  | 
лучше просто во всем! на ней хотя бы чувствую себя безопасно.