WinGuard WinSpike Nexen
WinGuard WinSpike
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+1 Noise +1 Control +1 Grip +1 Behaviour on ice +1 Behaviour on snow 0 Tyre problems
Winguard Winspike tires are molded for installing studs that dig into snow or ice for better traction. The optimized arrangement of sipes and block rigidity maximizes handling and traction on ice in combination with the V-shaped tread pattern. Noise is addressed by the calculated placement of 12 multi-random stud lines.
 Kaмa Евро-228 Kama
Kaмa Евро-228
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-3 Noise -3 Control -3 Grip -1 Aquaplaning -2 Behaviour on ice -2 Behaviour on snow -2 Tyre problems
It is completed with Chevrolet-Niva cars. It has good indicators of directional stability when driving on highways and unpaved surfaces, high wear rates, low rolling resistance, fuel efficiency, adequate protection against aquaplaning and even distribution of the load on the tire in the contact area.

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in compare with Кама Kaмa Евро-228 noise control grip behaviour on snow behaviour on ice
 |  Volkswagen Polo V Sedan  |  185 / 65 R14  | 
по снегу гребёт пока на пузо не сядет и с места в гору трогался