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Comparison оf Uniroyal Rallye 540 with Bridgestone Turanza ER 300
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 Rallye 540 Uniroyal
Rallye 540
No Prices
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+1 Noise +1 Control +1 Grip +1 Aquaplaning +1 Tyre problems
Aggressive directional tread pattern for maximum water drainage when driving in rain. A prime example of a quality tire from Uniroyal (Continental Group) Directional double boom design for fast water drainage and high protection against aquaplaning The rubber is formulated with silicon for optimal grip on wet roads Low noise level
Bridgestone Turanza ER 300 Bridgestone
Turanza ER 300
Price from 6 820 RUR
Offers: 37
-8 Noise -6 Control -4 Grip -3 Aquaplaning -6 Tyre problems
Turanza -- natural harmony
Even the longest journeys are now a breeze thanks to the perfect balance between performance, stability and sheer driving pleasure. The Turanza ER300's solid construction and state-of-the-art tread technology deliver outstanding stability and steering response, letting you power safely through even the toughest conditions.

-- Advanced tread pattern, optimized for smooth, quiet and efficient performance
-- Winding groove design for rapid water evacuation and superior traction in wet conditions
-- Silica-reinforced construction for superior handling and fuel economy
-- Sleek, stylish, contemporary design
The Turanza ER300 is available in standard, Run Flat and Ecopia models.

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