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Comparison оf Yokohama Advan A048 with Barum BF 15
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Yokohama Advan A048 Yokohama
Advan A048
Price from 6 200 RUR
Offers: 3
+1 Noise +1 Control +1 Grip +1 Aquaplaning +1 Tyre problems

Спортивные шины Yokohama ADVAN A048 поставляются для первичной комплектации автомобилей Lotus Exige 240R. Шины Yokohama ADVAN A048 предназначены для шоссейно-кольцевых гонок и специально разработаны с учетом скоростных потребностей спортивных автомобилей. Шины Yokohama ADVAN A048 сочетают низкое сопротивлением качению при движении по прямой с превосходными характеристиками при поворотах.

Barum BF 15 Barum
BF 15
No Prices
No offers
-1 Noise -1 Control -1 Grip -1 Aquaplaning 0 Behaviour on ice 0 Behaviour on snow -1 Tyre problems

Truck tires Barum BF 15 - truck tires designed to be mounted on the steering axle of trucks used for short and long haul transportation. Barum bf15 offers improved durability, improved wet grip and low noise levels. Is Barum bf15 carcass construction based on 4 belt layers? guaranteeing first-class durability, and the innovative geometry of the grooves provides the tire with a long service life and effective removal of stones that could damage it. Thanks to the use of an optimized tread contour that provides an even distribution of down pressure and an improved compounding, this truck tire will be able to operate even when the tread is worn out. The unique microscopic grooves located on the outer part of the tread extend the life of the new tire. Rigid sidewalls and longitudinally oriented ribs increase the tire's handling.

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in compare with Barum BF 15 noise control grip aquaplanning tyre problems
 |  VAZ 2101-2107  |  185 / 60 R14  | 
шина отличная! теперь в кольцо вкладываю 110-... дальше не стал давить... на разгоне на дрег пробуксовок минимум! ухож со старта на много быстрее и на 3-й передаче уже нет пробуксовок!!!