Tyres and wheels for BMW 5 series (E60)

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Wheels on BMW 5 series (E60) cars

People's choise tyres for this model

Best summer tyres

Hankook Optimo K415
  Grip   Aquaplaning   Control
Michelin Pilot Sport
  Grip   Control   Silent
Dunlop SP Sport 9000
  Absence of problems   Aquaplaning


Nilesh sad...
more than year ago
I have bought used tires berfoe..just make sure that the wear depth on the tire is equal across the tread. Also check and make sure there are no cuts or tears on the edge (part that slide inside the rim) from being changed.

Шины и диски по марке автомобиля

Штатные и альтернативные размеры шин для автомобиля BMW 5 series (E60) . Подбор шин по характеристикам. Подбор дисков по стилю и фото дисков на реальных авто.