Tyres and wheels for BMW 6 series Gran Turismo (G32)

This parameters uses for all modifications of BMW 6 series Gran Turismo (G32)

  Tyre Sizes

Original 6 series Gran Turismo (G32) Sizes

Optional Sizes

245 / 45 R19 (front) 275 / 40 R19 (rear)
245 / 40 R20 (front) 275 / 35 R20 (rear)
245 / 35 R21 (front) 275 / 30 R21 (rear)

  Wheels Sizes

Original 6 series Gran Turismo (G32) Sizes

Wheel mount dimensions

Bolt: 14*1.25
PCD: 5*112
DIA: 66.6 mm

Original Equipment tyres for BMW 6 series Gran Turismo (G32)

Factory OE tyres can be homologated and marked specifically, see our articles.

Also, tyres may be out of production, so you should pay attention to the next generation of tyres.

And, of course, for cars of the premium class and less (compact, middle...), the choice of tyres from the original equipment is less important, than for owners of sports cars, for which OE tyres were chosen by the manufacturer much more carefully.
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Ventus S1 evo2 K117
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People's choise tyres for this auto

Best summer tyres

Viatti Strada Asimmetrico
  Absence of problems   Grip   Control
Michelin Primacy 3
  Absence of problems   Silent   Grip
Nokian Nordman SX
  Silent   Grip   Control
Kumho Solus KH17
  Silent   Absence of problems   Grip


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Шины и диски по марке автомобиля

Штатные и альтернативные размеры шин для автомобиля BMW 6 series Gran Turismo (G32) . Подбор шин по характеристикам. Подбор дисков по стилю и фото дисков на реальных авто.