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Connect vendor's data

After you have purchased our database you have to link the our database with the database of your vendor (prices, code numbers). The only way to do this is to compare the names of models of tires. Unfortunately, the names of tires vary from vendor to vendor, because there is no single standard of naming of tyres. We have some experience of such a comparsion and we offer to use our service.

The service is free of charge for all, not only those who have bought the database, you only need to register on TyresAddict.

Format of file with code numbers

You have to provide us a CSV file with code number on the first place, followed by vendor name and model name.
The file may contain other fields (eg size) or extra lines in the title, they will be ignored.

Input file format:
[SKU] ; [Vendor name] ; [Model name] ; ...
Input file encoding: UTF-8

After you upload the file to our site, we process it and give you a link to a CSV file with code numbers with corresponding IDs of vendor and model for our database. File processing takes about 10 minutes.

If result file is empty or processing fails, check encoding and columns first
Output base file format: [Code from your file] ; [Vendor id from our database] ; [Model id from our database] ; [Assigned vendor name] ; [Assigned model name]

Upload file from your supplier

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