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What to carry with you in the car? or What are driving schools silent about - 1

Usually, a standard set is recommended: according to the regulations, it is necessary to carry a first-aid kit, which no one checks and in which there are now only plasters and a fire extinguisher, which is the cheapest and which is needed purely for paper. Unfortunately, they do not really spread about other things in driving schools.

In general, there are few situations that a driver who is not a car mechanic can handle, but they are common. Nevertheless, in this article I want to talk about the minimum set of things that it makes sense to purchase and carry.

The first case is a tire puncture. Usually it is small and usually it is detected already upon returning to some parking lot. and here it makes sense to carry a) a spare wheel (about which usually no one remembers either) b) a wheel wrench (well, if there is one) c) a jack (even less likely than a key).
But! Look, if the car is on a slope, then it makes sense to take a jack with a lower support platform that has more than a “pack of cigarettes”, otherwise it will be not only impossible to raise a car, but it’s also unsafe, and even try. Therefore, we take a good jack with us and learn to use it! you still need to know where to hook it.
The second, it may be better to pump up tires and drive out to a more even place or even drive a little carefully to a nearby tire fitting. This means, we take with us a tire inflation device, it’s better not the cheapest and also learn to use it, at least know where to look in order to understand how to download a tire
Third, in general, we learn to use the tire mount and change the wheel , it is interesting and useful!

You can also try to test a fire extinguisher, suddenly somewhere a forest or road fire will light up, because extinguishing something in a car with an ordinary fire extinguisher is not a very serious thing. Typically, cars burn quickly and efficiently (sometimes a couple of minutes and that's all), while you get the device, and a small fire like in the engine compartment will pour out at least half the cost of the car. In general, in order to successfully use a fire extinguisher, you need to be very lucky. So that it was not a fire, but smoldering, in order to be in time, so that it did not end immediately and so on. But to experience and learn how to work as a fire extinguisher is just fun and fervent, so learn!

A first-aid kit with plasters is about the same fun, but it’s better go to emergency courses , it takes two half days, they will tell you there, or maybe they will attach simple and no-brainer, much more important and serious ones to auto-theme things. For example, the fact that it is better not to touch the victim at all, not to drag him anywhere and better to learn how to call emergency services, than to "take part" if you don’t know how to do it safely. At the same time they will tell you what it is possible to have with knowledge - put it additionally in the medicine cabinet. For example, a special small cover that can be really life-saving in contrast to the patch.

And, let's think - what usually happens, if that: right, a tow truck. And this means you need an “ear” for towing (and you need to know where and how to screw it), as well as a cable (and in the case of a neighbor stuck in a snowdrift - roughly understand how to start towing, shop nothing to break). Tow trucks are usually thrifty, but you will be much calmer in an already stressful situation.

That is, we get that is really worth the "carry": emergency courses, a pumping device, a mount, the correct jack, the "ear" with a tow rope and the main thing is the ability to use all this . In principle, this will already make it possible not to feel like a complete nerd on the road and on the side of the road, and perhaps even help to avoid various troubles, in which case.

In principle, as you travel for maintenance, for example, you can already independently achieve this list and most importantly knowledge. Indeed, fluid and sometimes other things remain from MOT, which can sometimes help if not for you, then it can be for more automated neighbors on the road or in the parking lot.


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