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The Accelera Accelera summer tires are an excellent choice for any motorist. Our company devotes a lot of time to checking and testing car tires, which allows us to offer the best from inexpensive car tires to expensive tires. The Vsesezonka company has been operating on the market for about four years and, in addition to offering tires and auto disks, provides an excellent set of related services: tire fitting, mobile tire fitting, seasonal storage of auto tires, tire repair, auto wheel repair, delivery of auto tires and auto disks.

High temperatures adversely affect winter tires and a seasonal change to all-season tires is mandatory. And vice versa, depending on the season, because cold winter temperatures are bad for summer tires. More elastic rubber compound with the bands of the car tire

Comfort, reduced noise emission, that characterizes the new Accelera Accelera summer tire. Summer tires provide a versatile blend of ride quality, noise level, comfort, aquaplaning resistance on wet and slushy roads. and tread wear resistance, as well as excellent grip performance even on wet surfaces.

By the way, in the cold season, when the roads are covered with snow, your car needs good winter tires. The Accelera Accelera summer tires are designed to combine traction, handling and comfortable driving in cold and wet conditions but, like all summer tires, are not designed for use in cold weather on snow or ice.


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review on Кама Кама Flame control
 |  Toyota Hiace  |  Drom.ru  |  205 / 70 R16  | 
Для лета резина хорошая. Крепкая, износостойкая, не дубеющая. При этом бюджетная. Впервые ставлю на автомобиль, поэтому пока сравнить не с чем. Посуху хорошо, легенькое бездорожье разгребает на ура.

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