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Altenzo Tyres 
Passenger tyres


New Tyres - Altenzo

Altenzo Tempest V Altenzo
Tempest V
Price from 4 875 RUR
Offers: 13
Altenzo Sports Tempest Altenzo
Sports Tempest 
Price from 3 280 RUR
Offers: 3

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Sports Comforter+ Sports Comforter+
no prices
no offers
Sports Equator Sports Equator
from3 085 RUR
4 offers
Sports Linear Sports Linear
no prices
no offers
Sports Tempest Sports Tempest 
from3 280 RUR
3 offers
Tempest V Tempest V
from4 875 RUR
13 offers

Off-Road & SUV

Sports Explorer Sports Explorer
from4 610 RUR
26 offers
Sports Navigator Sports Navigator
from4 730 RUR
67 offers
Sports Navigator II Sports Navigator II
from4 060 RUR
1 offers


Cursitor Cursitor
from3 070 RUR
3 offers

Out of production

Sports Comforter Sports Comforter
from2 430 RUR
70 offers

Out of production, no price