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Amtel K-170 Баргузин tyres
summer tyres / for SUV & off-roads

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This model is designed for use in the summer season. Suitable for cars such as Gazelle, Farmer, Sobol and their combined versions. Available in tubeless and chamber versions. Model size 185/75R16C. The outer diameter is 684 mm, the profile width is not more than 184 mm. The static radius is 316 mm. Options of chamber and radial type are presented. The weight of the tire is 10.3 kg. The tread pattern is symmetrical, its depth is 8 mm. The index of the maximum allowable load is 104/102 (900/850 kg). This model is recommended for use on dirt and asphalt roads, suburban and urban traffic modes. The K-170 tires "clean up" the reactive action on the steering wheel, which allows you to safely drive the car on a twisty wet track. The speed category of this model is N, that is, the maximum vehicle speed that K-170 tires allow is 140 km / h.

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