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Truck tires Barum BD 22 - all-season, tubeless, truck tires designed for use on the driving axles of trucks, buses and main tractors. The Barum bd22 tire is one of the few truck tires that, due to the angled tread blocks, is well suited for use in winter. Of course, these are far from Nokian winter truck tires or Continental winter truck tires, but the use of Barum bd22 in winter will make it much easier for drivers to drive in Russian icy conditions. Truck tires Barum bd22 - increased mileage, due to the optimal composition of the rubber mixture and increased tread depth, excellent wide and flat tread for a smooth ride and low noise level due to the closed shoulder area of ​​the tire. An excellent truck tire for the drive axle of your car. Comparison of the tires of the driving axles Barum bd22 with the truck tires Barum bd21 and Barum bd23.

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