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The Bravuris is a modern tyre for high-speed vehicles
A tough player. The optimised tread pattern, combined with the flat belt contour, ensures even pressure distribution. For the motorist this means reduced wear, high mileage performance and prolonged pleasure from the tyres.
Wide and safe. Solid shoulder lugs and a circumferential central rib ensure precise steering response and good straight-line stability.
Aqua without the planing. The lateral grooves extending well into the tread centre provide good water dispersion and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
Quietly does it. The offset tread lugs and lug edges ensure even, quiet running, thereby minimising driving noise and enhancing comfort. Highlights:
The Bravuris is a modern tyre for high-speed vehicles. It boasts an extremely good price-performance ratio.
The Bravuris is a very durable wide tyre offering extremely safe handling in bends. It provides precise grip at high speed and in all weathers. The Bravuris offers:
- precise steering response... due to solid shoulder lugs and a circumferential central rib.
- precise grip at high speed, in all weather... due to the lateral grooves extending well into the tread centre.
- high mileage combined... due to the optimised tread pattern with the flat belt contour.
- speed indices: H, V, W -- ZR


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Bravuris 195 / 65 R15 91 H | 615kg 210 km/h     from 7 335 RUR

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review on Dunlop SP Winter Sport 400 behaviour on snow behaviour on ice
 |  Daewoo  |  Size is not specified  | 
Somewhat bewildered. Before it was tires Barum. Shovel snow depth on the number. On this car into the snow starts to move from slipping, while on the ice at all like a cow - no start or stop. Overestimating the quality of the very first ice wagon caught up, the benefit without serious consequences. Among the advantages - self-assured exchange rate stability. At the speed flew into the snowy mess - the car went smoothly translated
in compare with Amtel NordMaster noise control grip aquaplanning tyre problems
 |  VAZ 2113, 2114, 2115  |  195 / 65 R14  | 
резина мягкая,лежачих полицейских проезжаешь спокойно не подкидывает как на амтел планет.гребет нормально,и ни какого аквапланирования)))

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