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Barum Norpolaris studded winter tires for passenger cars. Tires with excellent performance on snow and ice. The stable stud arrangement guarantees continuous traction on icy road surfaces, and the optimized stud spacing ensures the best traction and reliable braking, while the aluminum stud housing helps to reduce centrifugal forces. Thanks to the optimized tilting arrangement of the sipes, improved lateral grip and thus better steering response on snow and ice are achieved. The extremely tough and durable tread ensures constant contact with the ground, and the extremely stable stud position helps them last longer. All this means a longer service life of the tire in all road conditions.

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review on Nokian Nordman + noise control grip behaviour on snow
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took 12 ku in November 2005 of the wheels got Nordman +. skated like winter, but the noise of the road keeps well, came in 2006 threw the discs srezinoy and rolled on it though another winter studs already nebylo by 50% to 140 Thrace holds confidently. Advantages: ctsepnye svoysva no introduction Disadvantages: boitsya slush snow at 40 60km translated

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