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The new Quartaris all-season tire for compact and midsize cars has been added to the Barum range. The main features of the new tire are safety on dry and wet surfaces, as well as in mild winter conditions, therefore its tread combines elements of both summer and winter tires. To this end, Barum has developed a unidirectional tread pattern with a special sipe system. Quartaris is especially suitable for drivers who cover short mileage on average and mostly in the city. Barum Quartaris has been developed as a compromise between the requirements for summer and winter tires. A new feature of Quartaris is the special BASSS (Barum All Season Sipe System) sipe system. “Thanks to the trapezoidal sipes in the center of the tire and the rounded grooves in the shoulder blocks, the Quartaris does not lose traction even in winter. Special rounded grooves "collect" soft snow, providing a more intimate contact with the road, "- says one of the developers of the tire Akif Celik (Akif Celik). This design maintains sufficient stiffness in the shoulder blocks for safe driving even on dry roads. Quartaris has a new winter tread height indicator that shows the driver how suitable the tread of the tire is for winter use. The grooves in the tread blocks are slightly raised in relation to the central grooves. “If this raised area merges with the tread, it means that the tread is four millimeters high and is no longer suitable for winter,” explains Mr. Selik. “The slats and special grooves on the shoulder blocks no longer have sufficient depth to safely start and brake.”


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