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Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-02 tyres
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Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-02 is a winter studded tire with a directional tread pattern, designed for use on compact, mid-size and premium passenger cars.

The competitive advantages of the model are improved braking characteristics on ice and snow, which allows for a high level of safety on winter surfaces, as well as a long period of operation.

The target audience of the Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-02 model is motorists primarily focused on winter driving safety, that is, on maximum tire performance on winter roads. Therefore, the Blizzak Spike-02 tires, which will ultimately replace the Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-01 model, differ from its predecessor in significantly improved safety performance on snow and ice.

To a greater extent, this affected the braking efficiency on winter surfaces, while the handling parameters on snow and ice remained virtually unchanged, says Shina.Guide technical specialist. The braking characteristics on dry and wet asphalt also remained at the same level as the Blizzak Spike-01.

The main emphasis in the Bridgestone Blizzak Spike-02 tires was to increase wear resistance and service life of the model, as well as to retain anti-skid studs.


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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
Blizzak Spike-02 175 / 65 R14 82 T | 475kg 190 km/h     from 6 710 RUR
Blizzak Spike-02 175 / 65 R14 86 T | 530kg 190 km/h     from 6 710 RUR
Blizzak Spike-02 175 / 70 R14 84 T | 500kg 190 km/h     from 6 210 RUR
Blizzak Spike-02 185 / 65 R14 86 T | 530kg 190 km/h     from 6 966 RUR
Blizzak Spike-02 185 / 70 R14 88 T | 560kg 190 km/h     from 5 770 RUR

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