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Bridgestone S248 tyres
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S248 is a well-accepted international pattern.

Straight main grooves enhance high water drainage leading to high wet grip/traction. Lateral grooves, lateral sipes and random pattern arrangement provide quiet ride and high wet/dry traction/grip. Over all it is a well balanced tyre with a beautiful tread and sidewall appearance.

- Fuel efficiency. Designed to reduce rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.
- Wear resistance. Designed to improve wear resistance, providing a longer tyre life.
- Steering response. High level of steering response.
- Performance. Superior performance characteristics combining handling, comering and braking.
- Braking. Excellent braking capability to increase safety.
- Low noise. Tyre designed to reduce noise.
- Wet performance. Exceptional handling in hazardous, wet conditions.
- Ride comfort. Provides a smooth, comfortable ride.


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