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The Centara Commercial summer tire is installed in commercial vehicles with a small load capacity. Allows you to increase its economic efficiency due to its pronounced fuel-saving properties, reliability and resistance to abrasive wear even on bad roads.

The tread pattern has a design typical for “light truck” tires with large blocks, close to a square shape. Large elements are located offset relative to each other, which makes the area in contact with the road surface larger, allowing the weight of the car to be evenly distributed over it. This enhances traction properties and reduces the level of abrasive impact on the tread, especially with a large weight load on the tire. Wide longitudinal drainage grooves reduce the likelihood of hydroplaning.

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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL C Price
Commercial 185 / 80 R14 102 Q | 850kg 160 km/h       from 6 615 RUR

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