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Shorter braking distances for luxury and medium-sized cars. The bionic ContiPremiumContact means safer braking:
The new ContiPremiumContact works like a cat's paw as it brakes: it widens, to ensure safe transmission of greater forces to the road. The tyre is therefore able to transmit braking forces more efficiently than a conventional tyre . Under normal driving conditions the tyre remains slim to provide protection against aquaplaning. Asymmetrical tread pattern ensures safety and comfort
The closed outer shoulder section with its sturdy tread pattern ensures good cornering stability and precise steering response. This part of the tyre puts more rubber on the road, giving better grip and good braking characteristics, even when cornering. The closed outer shoulder also means reduced tyre/road noise. Silica means low rolling resistance, better grip and shorter braking distances
For several years, silica has replaced carbon black as a filler in tyre tread compound. The benefit of silicum dioxide is that it is able to bond chemically with the natural rubber polymers. As a result, silica helps to reduce rolling resistance and improve grip and roadholding, particularly on wet roads. Highlights:
- excellent handling and outstanding protection against aquaplaning on wet roads
- shorter braking distances delivered through bionic contour
- optimum cornering stability and maximum grip in wet and dry conditions


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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
ContiPremiumContact 185 / 50 R16 81 V | 462kg 240 km/h     from 13 858 RUR

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review on Michelin Energy Saver noise aquaplanning tyre problems
 |  Ford Focus  |  Size is not specified  | 
Bears were more "soft" as the sneakers:) translated
review on Michelin Energy Saver noise control grip aquaplanning tyre problems
 |  Skoda Octavia  |  195 / 65 R15  | 
Here you can leave your comment
in compare with Michelin Pilot HX MXM noise control grip tyre problems
 |  Mazda 323  |  205 / 50 R15  | 
is 205/50/15, I do not very much, although cornering machine is more stable than the michelin pilot hx, but they are very Sensitive to diffektam expensive ... After a couple of hours behind the wheel of a sore butt =) translated
review on Nokian Hakka H noise control grip aquaplanning
 |  VAZ 2101-2107  |  185 / 65 R14  | 
Bought in 2009 letom.Samye best which had to travel before that were Amtel, bridge, konti.U it during the rain come the claws. The road keeps on 5 +. Cornering is like on rails (vaz21124). Price bite, but it is worth it. translated
review on Uniroyal Rallye 550 aquaplanning
 |  Mercedes C-class Sport Coupe (CL203)  |  205 / 55 R16  | 
Changed Conti PremiumContact, retreating three seasons. Changes komvortu \ noise is not sensed. The rain came confidence. translated

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