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Cordiant Business CA tyres
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Price from 4 000 RUR.
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The tyre tread pattern has been designed for light- trucks and intended for all-season driving. The middle rib and cleat element packages are provided with a large number of facets with different inclinations toward the tyre equator to ensure the proper stability and controllability of the vehicle. The tyre middle ribs are provided with wide blind trapezium-shaped grooves radiating towards the circumferential zigzag grooves, which improves the tyre self-cleaning properties when used on muddy road. The reinforced double-layer carcass of Cordiant Business CA ensured exceptional reliability during the tyre entyre life. The homologation tests performed by our partners showed that Cordiant Business CA tyres provide a mileage of at least 100 000 km.* With observation of the tyre operating conditions included in the productinfo on Cordiant website.

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Moscow / 132 offers
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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL C Price
Business CA 0 / 0 R0 102 R | 850kg 170 km/h     C from 6 426 RUR
Business CA 0 / 0 R0 106 R | 950kg 170 km/h     C from 6 783 RUR

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