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Buy Cordiant Business CA tyres 225/75 R16
all season tyres / commercial cars

8 304 руб.
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Tyre size: 225 / 75 R16
Season: All Season
Vehicle: Commercial

The tyre tread pattern has been designed for light- trucks and intended for all-season driving. The middle rib and cleat element packages are provided with a large number of facets with different inclinations toward the tyre equator to ensure the proper stability and controllability of the...

Tyre Size Weight Index Speed Index Run-Flat XL
225 / 75 R16 121 Q    
City Shop Phone numbers Price
Saint-Petersburg R16spb.ru - интернет-магазин шин и дисков +7 (812) 309-53-25 8304 RUR order
225 / 75 R16 225 R    
City Shop Phone numbers Price
Saint-Petersburg WheelTorg.ru - Шины и диски 8 (812) 408-16-98 8304 RUR order

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