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Cordiant Winter Drive 2 tyres
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Cordiant Winter Drive 2 are designed for safe and comfortable driving regardless of the weather and road quality. The tread pattern, rich in functional elements, combines the latest technological solutions and the experience of Cordiant in the development of tires for difficult conditions. The new functional rubber compound is effective over a wide temperature range on low-grip surfaces, be it ice or wet roads.

Self-cleaning. Directional tread pattern with monolithic V-ribbed ribs free the contact patch.

Grip on an icy road is ensured by an increased number of engagement faces: sipes with different cadence, complex toothed block contours for driving on a slippery road and confidently getting out of a rut.

Maneuverability. The activation of the 3d-locks in the lamellas guarantee the side blocks the necessary rigidity in the turn. The central part of the tread, united into a single system of half-bridges, makes the handling predictable and sharp.

Acoustic comfort. The tread pattern is designed from blocks of different sizes with variable pitch, which significantly reduces the noise characteristic of winter tires.


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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
Winter Drive 2 175 / 70 R13     from 4 420 RUR
Winter Drive 2 175 / 70 R13 82 T | 475kg 190 km/h     from 4 126 RUR

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