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Летняя шина для легковых автомобилей. Шина для спортивного вождения.

The Firehawk SZ40 is Firestone’s first Ultra High Performance car tyre, designed to offer strong sports performance and particularly good handling in both wet and dry conditions. It incorporates Bridgestone’s UNI-T design technology.
1) The SZ40 features a uni-directional tread pattern based on the company’s wet weather Indy car tyre to improve wet performance, in particular handling, hydroplaning, braking and traction.
2) Super slant grooves for maximum water displacement, a more even contact pressure distribution and lower noise levels.
3) Optimised pitch sequence for low noise.
4) Continuous central rib for improved handling.
5) Designed using Bridgestone’s Comprehensive Tyre Design Method (CTDM) which allows the tyre to be optimised to improve wet and dry handling whilst maintaining a good level of ride comfort.

Sounds impressive right? That's what I thought too unfortunately.

I am very disappointed with the Firehawk SZ40. It certainly doesn't offer the features you would expect from a flagship ultra high performance orientated tyre. The SZ40 lacks in every aspect except the wear rate.

The grip isn't anything special, only moderate grip levels at best. Sports orientated tyres like the Bridgestone Potenza RE720 etc would be a much better choice and similar tyres from leading manufacturers would run rings around the Firestone SZ40 considering that they aren't ultra high performance tyres. There isn't much feedback from the tyre and its not as responsive as an ultra high performance tyre should be, and the feel is a little wooden. If there was more feedback in the tyre, you could say that it was progressive but due to the lack of feedback it does go from grip to slip without much warning. The tyre walls are quite soft on the Sz40 so you...


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