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It can be used for regional and international transportation, as well as on the territory of logistics centers. It features an optimized carcass structure and a new rubber compound that reduces rolling resistance and reduces fuel consumption. Fulda Ecoforce 2, designed for the drive axle, will replace the Ecoforce + and Regioforce + models. The Fulda Ecoforce 2 is a next generation truck tire with great potential, low rolling resistance and high mileage. Lighter than its predecessors, allowing for increased payload. It ranges from 2 to 6 kilograms per wheel, depending on the size. The Fulda Ecoforce 2 is also based on a new casing shape that contributes to more even tire wear and increased mileage. The main advantages of this model are improved traction and excellent grip throughout the life of the tire. Thanks to the special structure of the shoulder tread blocks, the Fulda Ecoforce 2 demonstrates confident grip in the winter season and excellent traction on the snow.

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