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The Fulda Kristall Montero is a studless winter tire. Fulda engineers went to great lengths to develop the new standard Kristall Montero tire, building on the predecessor Kristall Gravito tire, which has enjoyed great success over the years. In terms of handling and efficiency, the Kristall Montero tire with a directional tread pattern is significantly superior to its predecessor. It was able to increase aquaplaning resistance by 25% compared to the predecessor model, due to the deep longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern. Due to the maximum number of sipes, the number of engagement edges is increased, thus ensuring optimal grip on ice and snow.

When developing the concept for the Montero tire, Fulda also took into account the costs of the motorist. The multi-radius tread contour ensures uniform pressure distribution across the tire-to-road contact patch. This improves the performance and significantly increases the mileage of the Kristall Montero tire: up to 25% compared to its predecessor, thereby reducing costs.

Other safety features such as an optimized tread block arrangement, an improved rubber / silica compound and a winter tread wear indicator make the Kristall Montero a modern winter tire that meets the demands of the rapidly changing weather conditions of our latitudes.


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