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Gislaved NordFrost 2 is a winter studded tire for passenger cars with lightweight metal-plastic single-flange studs and, as a result, reliable grip on ice. The Gislaved Nord Frost II tire is designed for driving primarily on wet, cold, snow and ice surfaces. Marked M&S / mud and snow / on the sidewall of the tire, for use in severe / nordic / winter climates. Swedish tires Gislaved Nord Frost II are ideally suited to work on icy and snowy roads. Their grip, especially on ice, is excellent. A car with such tires unquestioningly fulfills all the driver's commands, warning in advance about the loss of grip on the surface. This will help the active driver to drive on the verge of sliding (after all, it feels great), and the experienced driver - confidently "lick" the bends of the winter track in a spectacular skid. On the winter highway, the Gislaved Nord Frost 2 tires allow the car not to react to ruts and snow breakers, and only the clatter of spikes when driving through asphalt sections of the road can disturb the driver's serenity.


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in compare with Continental ContiWinterViking 2 tyre problems
 |  Ford Focus  |  FFClub  |  Size is not specified  | 
Отьездил 6 зим на Гиславед НФ 2, далее на Континенталь ВВ 2 четыре зимы- обе модели мне очень нравятся, вот только шипы на Континентале хуже держатся чем на Гиславете, но раньше резина шиповалась за бугром, а сейчас этого нет.

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