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Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 tyres
summer tyres / for cars / original equipment tyres / with Run Flat technology / out of production / see newer Goodyear Eagle Sport

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Price from 6 600 RUR.
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Impressive Original Equipment fitments on European and Asian high-performance vehicles

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Model Size Load Index/Speed Rating RunFlat XL Price
Eagle NCT 5 205 / 50 R17 89 W | 580kg 270 km/h     from 7 680 RUR
Eagle NCT 5 225 / 50 R17 94 W | 670kg 270 km/h RunFlat   from 6 600 RUR

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review on Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 noise control grip aquaplanning tyre problems
 |  Volkswagen Touran  |  205 / 55 R16  | 
Отличные шины во всех показателях, не зря первые места во всех тестах. Минус - быстрый износ, низкое сопротивление качению - больше расход топлива. Но это плата за четкое торможение, аквапланирование, устойчивость и т.д.
Гуд еар NCT5 - твердые и от них закладывает уши от шума
review on Federal Super Steel SS595 noise control grip
 |  Porsche Boxster  |  205 / 50 R17  | 
These were on my 17inch 205/50/17 wheels at the front when i first bought the boxster. And they sounded like a propeler they were so noisy and absolute rubbish. I soon switched to Goodyear eagle NCT 5 and it felt like I had a new car the Goodyears were so quiet compared to these. In fairness these are a budget tyre and value for money if you just want to drive in and around town and motorways as cheap as possible. But if you want a quite performance tyre then these are not it. translated
review on Goodyear Hydragrip noise control
 |  Mitsubishi Galant  |  R15  | 
I go to them a little, but impressions going after Goodyear Egle NCT 5 is best, although previous also in order translated

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